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Pastor Anita,
A solid partnership has been birthed. Your parents are proud of how you have elevated this ministry, the Bay Area, and your ministry. We “Level Up!”

Dr. Drew Apr 11, 2021

It’s an honor to give as it has been given to me. Abounding Love Bible Ministry is good soil to sow into. Good fruit is here and a blessing to many.
I may not be in Sacremento area to help physically serve but I can support.

Continued blessings to you, your family, the ministry and all those connected and serving faithfully and willingly.

Have a blessed and fruitful day!

Minister Shalette Mar 28, 2021

I’m so thankful to the Lord for this prayer ministry and being able to logon every week to listen to the weekly message, follow by prayer. May God continue to you richly and abundantly.

Ivonne Malave Mar 23, 2021

Amen for a wonderful message and prayers on the First Thursday “POWER” Hour. I was so excited to be able to bring my whole family together ( mother in love) Mother Queen Foster 85, my son, 2 daughters and my husband for communion on this call. God is good!

Lady Monica February 6, 2021

Dear Anita,
I got in on some of that good stuff you was all sharing this past Saturday in Berkeley.  Thank you and peace be with you.

Anonymous February 16, 2021

Miss Anita,
I just wanted to say that you are such an amazing Black Woman. You are so ambitious. Having you’d picture and ministry posted in time square two years ago, your AlB ministry, the OVL foundation, being and executive pastor I could go on. The world needs more inspiring women like yourself.

Happy Women’s History Month!

Ms. Maddie Mar 4, 2021

Great POWER Hour call tonight! Great job to everyone serving on their assignments! Thank you Warrior Monica for Worship and Praise music to set the atmosphere, and the replay information of that powerful Word released by Pastor Antoinette Miles who preached herself happy!
Glory to God!

“Walking In The Favor Of God” Genesis 32:5
Powerful prayers of Intercession by Warriors Lori Fairley-Green and Tracy Struggs-Anderson, great scripture reading by Warrior Mother Sandra Ponder! Great to have new participants join us this evening!
God be praised!

Carolyn Jacob Apr 14, 2021

Excellent Weekly Power Hour!!
Powerful Heartfelt Word from Warrior Tony Foster!!!
Wonderful Monthly Communion and Moderation and Prayers from Pastor Anita Latin!!! Praise God for Warrior LaDonna Church wonderful prayers as well!!! Great job to all on assignment!!
God is pleased!!!! ❤️

Cynthia Goudeau February 5, 2021

This was an excellent class! I can’t begin to tell you how God just laid out exactly the blueprint for what I need! I recently accepted a new promotion with another agency org and had to assist with developing a new team, that I will now be advising. Only God could have set this up for me to get the info needed to guide this team! I feel my tears creeping from the ducts! I almost gave up tonight when I couldn’t access zoom. My spirit was feeling defeated, then I began to question if this was even what I was suppose to be doing; and just as I was clicking out of the emails, Min McCarther had sent another with the link. Only God! This was a very helpful session! I look forward to the next class. Thank you! God Bless You WoG! Blessings Srvt Kimberly A.

Kim A. Apr 6, 2021