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Welcome to Abounding Love Bible Ministry (“ALB Ministry”).

Come on in! We are so very excited that you found us. Each page is filled with an anointed expression of God’s abounding love to enhance and enrich your spiritual journey. You do not want to miss a page or a tab; guaranteed to bless your life! Experience 24/7 life-changing ministry designed with YOU in mind. Are you ready?

ABSOLUTELY ANOINTED!!! I thank God for being a benefactor of this rich futile ministry of the Lord! Truly rivers of living waters continuously flow from the anointed, authentic, and amazing ministry from Pastor Anita Latin and Team. The love of God and for His people is richly poured out and the power packed Word of God conferences, praise and worship, and bible studies have enriched and empowered my life immensely and I’m eternally grateful. Thanks for all you do for the Kingdom of God and His people and may He continue to expand your terriroty!

Bre Gibbs, Verified by Google

Abounding Love Bible Ministry is a community based organization, spreading the Word of God, the love of God and needed resources to those in the community. It’s spiritual leader Pastor Anita Latin is a true woman of God, who is gifted, intelligent, innovative, always mindful to stay relevant in order to connect with those she has been mandated to serve. Abounding Love Bible Ministry and Pastor Anita Latin are necessary in this season! Thanking God for this ministry and the minister!

Dana Neal, Verified by Google

Always blessed by visionary Anita Latin. Her ministry consistently prays and encourages people who are seeking to be used more effectively in ministry, I have attended all of her women conferences and always left and felt empowered to be my best for the kingdom! She also makes herself available to speak and impart wisdom and knowledge into people in crisis and her fellow clergy members. I am truly blessed to be in ministry with her.

Andrewnetta Brown, Verified by Google

The ministry is a blessing, inspirational and speaks to women of faith and to those who are seeking God! The experience and journey with this ministry is well worth your time. Praise the Lord!

Katherine Norris, Verified by Google

Pastor Anita Latin and the Abounding Love Bible Ministry is truly a Holy Ghost led, Bible-based ministry that really encourages, inspires, and supports women from all walks of life from God’s Word! This powerful woman of God demonstrates through this ministry a passion like no other that can fill a void in one’s life if one allows this great ministry to become a part of them. I tip my hat to Pastor Latin as she continues to decrease and allows Him, God, to increase through this ministry!

Julius Magee II, Verified by Google

Abounding Love Bible Ministry led by Visionary, Pastor Anita Latin is truly a Holy-Spirit led, Bible-based ministry that supports, inspire, encourages women from all walks of life from the Word of God through many portals such as The ALB POWER Hour, Conferences, her website:albministry.org, and all of her social media platforms. Her ministry serves in community outreach, also covers in prayer families, children in foreign lands, civil and religious leaders, and our world. ALB Ministry is truly a fertile ground ministry. I’m blessed to know Pastor Anita, my life is blessed the more by serving with her, and the teams.

Carolyn Jacobs, Verified by Google

It’s an honor to speak well of a ministry that caters to the spiritual well being of other woman. The prayer covering, the conferences, and the outreach of this ministry empowers the development of mind, body, and soul of it’s community and fellowship.

Maxine Rush, Verified by Google

Abounding Love Bible Ministry has truly been a blessing for me. The visionary, Pastor Anita Latin, is a mighty woman of God. She breaks down the Word of God so that one can understand as well as apply it to their lives. Pastor Latin loves people and serves those who are often overlooked, such as the homeless communities and single mothers. In addition, Pastor Anita helps cultivate others to grow and develop in ministry to build God’s kingdom. This is an awesome ministry. To God be the glory!

Monica Foster, Verified by Google

This is an awesome ministry! Pastor A. Latin is a powerful woman of God who loves people…all people and desires to see God’s presence in every way, every day and more over in the hearts of people. She is somebody’s preacher, musician, psalmist and dedicated worker on God’s battlefield.

Y. Franklin, Verified by Google

This site has been very instrumental in my life during the pandemic. As a woman, looking to maintain faith and build connections with other women, I have found biblical guidance and a lively sisterhood through this ministry. Great resources and tools for everyone. Thank you Pastor Latin for being here for us and an extended hand for God.

West Coast Kingdom Connection, Verified by Google

I have been inspired by Anita over the last 10 years with her strong message and commitment, teaching love and spreading happiness. She is an inspiration to us all and I’m grateful and blessed to know her.

Lori Samuelson, Verified by Google

ALB Ministry has truly blessed my life. Rev. Latin is truly a powerful woman of God, who is genuinely concerned about the lives of Christian women. Her yearly conference is always five star and leaves you anticipating the next one. I thank God for Rev. Latin and the Kingdom work she is doing,

Erika Godfrey, Verified by Google

Pastor Latin and the Ministry demonstrate the prayer in Phil 1:9-11. You can only show what you know.

Brenda Stewart, Verified by Google

Pastor Anita Latin – a Powerful woman of God who has a Passion and a love for Reaching, Teaching, & Praying for women across the nation. Her ministry Excels in in her anointed Praise, Worship and Word

Sarita Lewis, Verified by Google

I love this woman! Pastor Anita is a beautiful reflection of the love of Jesus. Her selfless devotion to teaching and preaching the Word is something we should take note of and imitate if we can. She has encouraged me so much during the years I worked with her. Not only does she proclaim the Gospel with power, she sings like an angel.

Beth H., Verified by Google

ALB is a amazing place of ministry. Here you will find prayer, support, words of encouragement and a plethora of ministry resources. It’s been my pleasure to be part of this ministry!

Debbie Trigg, Verified by Google

Wonderful Women of Excellence in Spirit, Knowledge and Character working and Ministering Together for Christ.

Pamela Nelms, Verified by Google

I have attended conferences, attended online prayer, zoom birthdays and have heard the word in speech and song and proud to know her and her Ministry.

Ervin Upton, Verified by Google

1 Thessalonians 3:12 – “And the Lord make you to increase and abound in love one toward another, and toward all men, even as we do toward you:” This is our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen and Thank God!

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