The number of people getting vaccinated continues to increase. This is great news. As counties begin to open access to indoor spaces and larger events, we still need to proceed with caution about how quickly we can return to “normal” activities. In some areas where social activities are increasing, we’re seeing a rise in COVID-19 infections, especially among younger people.

Dr. Steve Parodi, national infectious disease leader and associate executive director at The Permanente Medical Group, shares that “while infections and hospitalizations have been going down in many places, I’m concerned by some of the trends our communities are experiencing. With new viral variants in California, we should take this moment to remind ourselves that the behaviors that have protected us along the way still apply – even as more and more of us are vaccinated.”

As California begins to move closer to business as usual, Dr. Parodi and all of our doctors encourage everyone – vaccinated or not – to continue to:

  • Distance from others outside your household where possible
  • Wear a mask over your nose and mouth when in public
  • Wash your hands often

The safest thing to do is still to avoid indoor gatherings with people from multiple households and any non-essential travel. If you do choose to attend a larger gathering or event and aren’t yet vaccinated, we recommend practicing the above behaviors as well as getting tested before the event and 3 to 5 days afterward. You can request a test through an E-visit. Already vaccinated? You should still distance, wear a mask, and wash hands often but testing isn’t needed, unless you develop symptoms.

As vaccine supplies continue to increase, we look forward to providing vaccinations to everyone who’s eligible. You can view your vaccine history in your medical record on If you’re 16 or older and aren’t yet vaccinated, check appointment availability and schedule your appointment.

If we can continue to practice safe behaviors until enough people are vaccinated, we’ll finally be able to say goodbye to this pandemic.


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