Content Ideas for Your Church’s Social Media Platforms (Part Two)

Running a church social media account is more work than it seems on the surface, but it’s also a powerful and effective tool for spreading the gospel in the digital sphere.

Susanna Fleming
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In a previous article, I offered five social media content ideas to spark your creativity when inspiration is running low. Today, I’m back with a few more ideas to add to your content arsenal – because, let’s face it, we can all use a little extra help sometimes!

Running a church social media account is more work than it seems on the surface, but it’s also a powerful and effective tool for spreading the gospel in the digital sphere. As you try out these new content ideas, remember that each video clip, image, and inspirational quote you share can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Each post may be the catalyst that moves someone closer to Jesus!

So, without further ado, here are five more social media content ideas to experiment with this week! If you missed the first set of ideas, you can check them out here.

#6 Weekly Worship Playlist

Have you ever left a Sunday church service humming a worship song, only to forget its name by Monday morning? You’re not the only one! My church frequently receives inquiries such as, “What was the song the worship team played before offering?” or “What is the name of the new song we sang this week?” This is where a weekly worship playlist can be a valuable piece of content for your church!

Create a Spotify playlist that includes the songs from Sunday’s worship service, post it on your social platforms, and voila! Your congregation can take those worship songs into the rest of their week. A weekly worship playlist post is also a creative way to introduce new songs before they appear in a Sunday service. You can share a “sneak peek” of the following week’s list, allowing your congregation to familiarize themselves with new melodies and lyrics. 

To craft a post like this, consider creating a screen-recorded video that shows where to access the Spotify playlist with one of the worship songs playing in the background. Alternatively, you can design a visually appealing graphic that displays the setlist for the week. Don’t forget to inform your followers that they can find the playlist link in your bio!

#7 “How To” Posts

If you spend time scrolling through Instagram or browsing YouTube shorts, you’re bound to come across a myriad of “how-to” posts. From mastering a complex recipe to attempting a self-haircut (I recommend leaving this one to professionals), this content genre has captured the collective imagination. Why? Because it directly addresses people’s immediate needs and equips them to take action.

Considering their widespread appeal, “how-to” posts can be a game-changing addition to your church’s social media outreach. Imagine posts like “How to Forgive When It’s Hard to Forget” or “How to Make A Decision When You Don’t Have Clarity.” These topics provide valuable biblical insights and practical tips right where people need them the most. 

“How To” posts can also act as conversation starters within your digital community. After sharing a post on a specific topic, consider asking your audience to comment their own tips or personal testimonies. This not only increases interaction on your posts but also allows members of the congregation to learn from each other’s wisdom and experience, creating a shared digital resource that enriches everyone’s spiritual life.

#8 Jokes and Humor

Church doesn’t always have to be serious! (Joy is a fruit of the Spirit, after all!) A well-placed Christian meme, a funny anecdote from last Sunday’s service, or even a comical behind-the-scenes moment will not only entertain but also humanize your church. I’ve also seen churches post funny anecdotes from Sunday school – because kids have a special talent for making people laugh! For example, a caption may read: “This week, one of your kiddos asked if Jesus could turn water into chocolate milk, and someone else asked if Noah had WiFi on the Ark! 

If humor isn’t your strong suit, that’s okay! You definitely don’t want to force it. If, however, your church staff is goofing off during Sunday set-up or your pastor tells a funny Bible pun in a staff meeting, don’t hesitate to let your congregation in on the joke!

#9 Spiritual Practice Challenges

Life can be hectic, making it easy to sideline important spiritual disciplines. By incorporating weekly prompts or spiritual challenges into your social media posts, you can offer your community manageable yet meaningful ways to weave faith into their everyday lives.

For example, your post can read: “This Week’s Spiritual Challenge: Perform a daily act of kindness. Whether it’s opening a door for someone or leaving an encouraging note for a colleague, let’s embody God’s love in tangible ways. Share your good deeds by tagging us!

To deepen engagement, consider launching a “Challenge of the Month” aligned with your current sermon series or liturgical season. If the month’s theme is gratitude, the challenge could be keeping a gratitude journal or posting daily expressions of thankfulness. This approach not only reinforces sermons but also offers consistent opportunities for your congregation to engage spiritually throughout the week.

#10 “Real Talk” Videos

If you’re looking for a way to bridge the gap between your congregation and church leaders, consider launching a live Q&A series called “Real Talk” (or a similar name) in which your congregation can pose questions about faith, life, and scripture. Promote this live stream well in advance to generate interest and collect relevant questions from your community.

Hosting a live stream to answer community questions is an excellent way to gain new followers, increase engagement, and make your congregation feel seen and heard. It will also help foster a church culture in which questions are welcomed, which is a huge need in our current cultural moment. Whether people are wrestling with complex issues or are curious to understand recent sermons at a deeper level, “Real Talk” can be the fresh, engaging content your social media platform needs!

Happy Posting!

So there you have it—another five social media content ideas to help you enrich your church’s online community. Remember, social media is not just a platform for broadcasting messages; it’s a space for genuine interaction and connection. Whether you’re sharing a weekly playlist, crafting ‘how-to’ posts, adding a dash of humor, issuing spiritual challenges, or providing a space to ask questions, you’re doing meaningful work that could draw someone closer to Jesus. 

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