Lamentations 5:1-5; 19

Main idea: continued sin and rebellion against God bring loneliness and disaster, but He is always available for those who seek Him. Let’s see what God does.

I. He remembers (what has come upon us) – Verse 1

the first thing we see in the text is a plea to the lord to remember what is come upon Jerusalem

Jeremiah has a birds-eye view of everything that has happened! And it is happening because of sin. He sees a nation that was once considered a great nation filled with people and consumerism to now being a tributary nation that bows in subordination to other nations. They find themselves isolated, desolated, and miserable. When Jeremiah looked at the temple and the city of Jerusalem – once the center of activity and now empty, separate, solitary and alone — his heart is filled with compassion and he weeps!

Does this sound familiar? Let’s look at our own nation. The United States of America — a nation that was once revered and looked upon with pride and great strength — a place where everyone and anyone who was oppressed and bound by the unjust laws of man, were eager and determined to place their feet on this soil! A land that had opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams of prosperity and liberty! Like Jerusalem, we are crying out to God to remember what is come upon us. Why cry out to God for help in the midst of tragedy? Because only God can do it!

II. He considers and beholds our reproach — Verse 1

 “reproach” is defined as to find fault with, blame or discredit to, disgrace, scorn or contempt

The Lord is angry. He, like a good parent, has given His children numerous chances to do the right thing, to obey His commandments and follow His laws. But there comes a point in that child’s life, if they have loving parents who want to see them do good and succeed in life, when the parent has to enforce some type of punishment in order to correct inappropriate behavior. The more severe the disobedience, the more severe the punishment.

Jeremiah witnesses the wrath of God as He has swallowed up, torn down, brought down in dishonor, cut off every horn, and withdrawn His right hand and purposed to destroy the wall. God refused to protect His people. Their sin brought on this suffering.

III. He forever reigns (remains) – Verse 19

In the midst of the devastation and travesties that are surrounding Jerusalem, there is a remnant of people who recognize that no matter what they see around them, there is a God who still reigns and will remain God forever!

Only God can restore the land to overflow with health, wealth and prosperity! Only God can take a remanent people who love Him, who are willing to obey Him, who will follow Hm, and will turn to Him in prayer and use them to rebuild, to refocus and to reclaim their place in the kingdom! Only God can mend the breach! Only God can restore the years you’ve sown in tears! Only God can return everything the enemy has stolen! Only God can restore your joy when you’ve experienced sorrow! Only God can bring peace in the midst of confusion! Only God can renew our faith when it has wavered under your present circumstance! Only God can reclaim your soul and make you whole again!

When entrenched wickedness leads to agony and continued sin by God’s people brings His wrath, know that only a conviction that God is with us can lead to peace and serenity in the midst of pain.