Matthew 5:1-12

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the old saying, “When you are born you cry and the world rejoices. Live your life in such a way that when you die the world cries and you rejoice!” This is such a wonderful turn of phrase and such a beautiful sentiment. To die with no regrets, leaving behind scores of people who mourn your departure. But the big question comes from the middle line; the DASH. “Live your life in such a way. . .” What does such a life look like? How should you live in order to die with no regrets, having impacted the lives of those around you in positive ways? These may very well be the most important questions you ever ask yourself. Questions that invite you to deep reflection on the extent to which your daily living is consistent with your most cherished values. Questions which enable you to see needed course corrections and inspire you to live out the highest expression of yourself.

There are three major components that you should always be conscious of as you are living your life.

Your Character:

Let’s define “character”. Your individuality, your caliber, your integrity, your personality, your reputation and your temperament. In other words it is who you are when no one else is around. God demands your honor and praise. And seeks nothing less than your total love, loyalty and true devotion! Therefore you must:

– walk uprightly

– work righteousness

– speak the truth in your heart



Your Conduct:

There is a specific code of ethics that a believer should follow at all times. God’s will and God’s way is always wrapped up in God’s word. So if you ever wonder or forget how you should be living – Stop, Look and Listen! Everything you need to know is right there in the word of God!

Your Compensation:

Everybody wants to get paid. Right? Your job, as a true Believer, is to work and live for Jesus. And whatever is right, He will surely pay! When you live your life according to God’s precepts and principles that have been laid out for you, there are bountiful blessings that will chase you down and overtake you. God will load you up daily with benefits! But you must exemplify “Kingdom” living!

Jesus shows the continuity between the ministry of the prophets and the ministry of the Kingdom Servant. Both are serving the same cause, advancing the same kingdom, and serving the same king. Jesus promised that both would suffer the same abuse, but that both would also receive indescribable reward in heaven. So both have cause for rejoicing in spite of their temporal circumstances. Read Matthew 5:1-12 and ask yourself, “How Ya Livin!?”

BBlessed and Let Love Abound!