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Pastor A
The last month of 2023! Tonight’s 1st Thursday Holy Communion “POWER” Hour was 🔥🔥🔥 Everyone on assignment showed up, clocked in and nailed it with power and Holy Ghost anointing! To God be the glory for the things He has done!🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
Carolyn D Jacob
Another great POWER Hour fellowship on this evening. To God be the glory! Visionary and Host Anita Latin moderating in Mastery, Anointed Praise and Worship set the atmosphere, anointed Scripture reading, fervent Opening Prayer, Powerful Word of Hope released by Warrior Tanya Smith, Roll call session Shout out to new invited participant, Sister Gwendolyn, praise reports of healing, birthday shout out to Warrior Sherida Walker, fervent Closing Intercession! Yes, this is Ministry, in a POWER Hour!
Pastor A
Once again, I thank God for those who were in assignment tonight. You showed up, clocked in, and served with Mastery! To God be all the Glory! 🔥🔥🔥
Carolyn D Jacob
Hallelujaaaaah! I AGREE! Whoever needed an outpouring of Hope, it was delivered and poured out this evening by Warrior Shelah Snowden! And yes, I repeat Warrior Cynthia, thank you Warrior Pastor Anita for this platform, ALB POWER Hour! This anointed platform! Blessings for all on assignment this evening! God be exalted and praised!
Pastor A
God be praised on tonight! Everyone on assignment clocked in and carried out their tasks with anointing and excellence on the Weekly “POWER”. I am overjoyed to be partnering with women of God who are committed to the work. “There’s Still Hope in Me!” - Thank you Warrior Shelah! 🔥🔥🔥 You all make ministry easy! I love and appreciate each and everyone of you! 🩷💕💗
Ms. Rochelle
You are do amazing work!! Truly enjoyed ithe Conference.
Sis. You are on my mind today, and I wanted to acknowledge the loving spirit of friendship we have. Though we don't see each other regularly, your godly spirit remains a constant in my life. You are truly a blessing to me. 🙏🏾♥️
Pastor A
I am yet rejoicing over the powerful Word that was released unto us on tonight by Warrior Jacqueline Kelly! Glory to God! Thank you Warrior Demitras May for your anointed Opening Intercession. A Power-Packed Hour indeed! God be praised!!!🙏🏾
Carolyn D Jacob
1st Thursday Holy Communion POWER Hour was on FIRE with a Word of Hope, scripture reading, Holy Communion and fervent prayers! The Word Bearer, Warrior Debbie Trigg exhorted from Romans 8:25, and laid it out to the people of God! You couldn't help but be blessed, encouraged, strengthened, uplifted and so much more! Title: Hope in God! I encourage you to listen to the replay and share with anyone you know who needs this Word, so they too can have Hope in God! Hallelujah!!!
I’m so proud of you and blessed to be under you. The event was something special and I wish my mommy and your mommy were here to see it. I cried and I’m thankful for the word given today. Thank you!
Carolyn J
Anointed, Appointed, Necessary, Relevant Visionary and Leader Pastor Anita, we are grateful to God for the opportunity to experience the 10th Year Empowerment Conference Celebration!!!🎉🎉🎉 From last year to this year, and EVERYTHING..... in between that landed us in the UNLEASHED atmosphere, mindset, experience, truly anointed atmosphere was all to the glory of God! We continue to go Higher and Higher in God each year! God bless you much and continue to anoint you afresh, reset you, revive you, restore back into you all that you, you, yes you Woman of God poured out on us, and the ministry as a whole. God be exalted and praised. ♥️
Andrewnetta Brown
What a blessed and beautiful experience! I thoroughly enjoyed the release of the Word in both sessions! May you Warrior Latin continue to empower women in the kingdom! It was great to see all the Warriors yesterday and adding kudos to everyone♥️♥️♥️🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🥰
💗😘It was a pleasure and joy to be with you & Andre, serve with you, and celebrate with you🤗and Aiesha! I love you😘and grateful for it all! Thank you for the Beautiful acknowledgment and award. I love our team, even Aeisha shed a slight tear during your presentation😇we know your heart and love for the Lord.
Prayer Covering Your Conference Father GOD, in the name of Jesus, many stretch their hands to thee on behalf of ALB 10th Annual Conference and your visionary Pastor Anita Latin, taking nothing for granted we prayer cover this day, we pray for all participants and attendees, let your glory fill the house, GOD arise and let all enemies be scattered, minister to all hearts and minds, speak LORD, give everyone ears to hear you, eyes to see you and a heart to receive you, break every chain, loose a lady, wreck worry from the woman , deliver a daughter, save a sister, flourish freedom in the air, have thine own way LORD, flee fear, fuel faith, lift loads, bind burden, widen worship, heighten hallelujah, fill all cups LORD, quench every thirst in these ladies’ soul, feed them from the beginning to the end, let praises go up, let blessing be released, let nothing be missing, lacking or broken in their lives, edify, encourage, empower, strengthen, anoint every assignment, crush all confusion, cancel all chaos, let everything be done in decency and in order, let everyone serve with gladness, let everyone remain in your presence, let everyone see the goodness of GOD, bless Servant Anita, call forth what is needed, let your strength be perfect in her weak places, keep her strong in you and in your Mighty Power, be the wind beneath your daughter, keep her mounted, Breath of the LORD, breathe on your daughter and upon this conference, be the air she breathes, the song she sings, the voice she hears, keep her throughout the day, let not the enemy triumph over her or the conference, let your glory fill the place and every space, consecrate everyone for this conference LORD, let no flesh be on parade, let everyone serve with gladness, let everyone’s soul look up, let everyone’s will be lost in thine, do more than any of us praying can ask or think for thine is the Power, the Glory forever in Jesus, Amen
Lady C
Praise the Lord Pastor, I am still rejoicing over the blessings of the Lord being in your service.
Ellie Yeager
Thank you for reaching out to me. You have done amazing things since last we met. Honored to be your friend. Love
Ed Lowe
Ed Lowe Anita, when I had the pleasure of working with you over 25 years ago, it was clear that you were a special, powerful person. It is wonderful to see how your ministry has expanded and blossomed since then. Congratulations to you for being such an effective minister and talented song writer and singer, and for all you have given to the many people you have helped and sustained through your tireless efforts over these many years.
Carolyn D Jacob
Each week there is great, anointed praise, worship, and The Word released from our Anointed Exhorters! And all praises to God for our anointed Visionary, Pastor Anita Latin and her anointed leadership equipping us for Kingdom Building, provoking us unto love and good works! This entire websites is ministry! Touch/Click every link and button! Let this ministry thoroughly bless you, and refresh your spirit in the name of Jesus! Join us for our weekly ALB POWER Hour! 1 Hr. See the ads on the Home page for all upcoming ministry events! Be blessed and let love abound!
We received our baptism card and it is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much, we didn’t even know cards were made like this!! I love you right back 🥰💕
Pastor A.
I thank God almighty for an anointed Power Hour on tonight! Powerful Word, Praise Reports & Prayer Requests, and fervent, heartfelt intercession! To God be the Glory!