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Pasotor Anita
To God Be the Glory for the things He has done! What an anointed and fire-filled Prayer Party, hosted by Warrior Cynthia Goudeau and Warrior Shelah Snowden. Powerful Word by Minister Philip McLeod, singing by Iris, Intercession by Minister Leetha and all the testimonies that were lifted. The presence of the Lord was truly in the place! Kudos to our fantastic hosts!
Valencia Evans
Praise Our Most High God for all that He has and will continue to do in your lives. Our God does exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think according to the Power the works within us. I will be in continuous pray for Justified By Faith Ministries my sister friend LeeAnn and now I will add Abounding Love Bible Ministries to my daily prayer. We as Christian Women will continue to POP HALLELUJAH AND AMEN!!! God Be Praise...
Carolyn D Jacob
ALB PRAYER PARTY om September 24, 2022 at 10:00am , hosted by two sisters, Warriors Cynthia Goudeau, and Shelah Snowden was truly outstanding! Stellar! What a great fellowship, powerful prayers, powerful preached Word, encouraging video presentation, great testimonies, praise reports, joy in The Lord! A great time praising God! Thank you Visionary Pastor Anita Latin for this great ministry and platform to join our family, friends, all God's people together. Most importantly, not ending the party without extending the invitation for soul salvation. Hallelujah!!! God be exalted!
Pastor A
Glad to be in the service one more time!!! I am on full!!! Powerful, heartfelt, fervent prayers lifted up on tonight by Warrior Carolyn Jacob, Warrior Lori Fairley Green, and Warrior LaDonna Church. Thank you Warrior LaDonna for that on-time WORD! My! My! My! And thank you Warrior Cynthia for a job well done as tonight’s Moderator! I am encouraged to run on a little further and see what the end’s going to be! Thank you Jesus!💕💕
Carolyn D Jacob
Another POWER Hour! Praise God for Warrior LaDonna, releasing a powerful Word tonight! Praise God for her sister bringing a report of God's healing from a cancer scare. Great moderation by Warrior Cynthia We serve in this fertile soul ministry under the anointed leadership of our Visionary Warrior Pastor Anita Latin!
Amazing Power Hour last night. God is so good. Everyone did an above excellent job, and the word was so rich and powerful. Well done Warrior Andrewette Brown!!!!
Blessings to the entire POWER Hour team this evening! Great Word released and powerful prayers! God be praised! The recorded replay number 131 is on right on the homepage, scroll down to Recordings, click/touch 131(for this evening), the current recording. And other previous recordings. Each time we record its automatically captured on the website. Please encourage your family and friends to visit the website. We know they will be blessed.
Cynthia Goudeau
Praise God for another Wonderful Power Hour! Excellent Scripture reading by Warrior Machelle Thomas! Awesome Opening Prayer by Warrior Demitras May! Outstanding Word and Song and Prayers by Warrior Andrewnetta Brown! Incredible Heartfelt Prayers by Warrior Shalette Persaud! Thank you Pastor Anita Latin and the Lord for your vision of Abounding Love Bible Ministry Weekly Power Hour! I know the Lord is Pleased 🙌🏿🙌🏿❤️🙏🏿
Carolyn D Jacob
TTT Team this evening on point! Great job Moderator Shalette, great scripture reading of God's powerful Word, Michaela, great opening prayer Andre' Holy Spirit reigned on the Zoom portal this evening with a sweet spirit! Powerful! Powerful Praise, Worship, Word released by Dr. Del Meka Wyatt, ice-breaker, praise video, game, Prayers all to the Glory to God! Hallelujah and Amen!
Lady Angela
I was so blessed! I am grateful for your invitation and the work you are doing. All the ladies were very good. The keynote speaker really spoke to my heart. I love you my beautiful sister.
ALB Ministry 2 Day Virtual Women’s Empowerment Conference was Truly Blessed! The Spirit of the Lord was in our homes! Conference Movers, OUTSTANDING job! Beautiful Invocation! Wonderful Praise and Worship! Awesome greeting! The word that was released by all the First Ladies was Phenomenal. And the Prayer Concert was Amazing!
Pastor Donnell
Dear sis, thank you for including my wife this pass weekend. I was sitting there throughout your incredible session. We were also on for about an hour on Amtrak as we took our young people to Great America. Keep pressing! I’m very proud of you.
Pastor A
Once again I declare the decree, “God keeps doing great things for us!” Another spirit-filled conference that has surpassed the last conference. Really wasn’t sure how all of this was coming together, but I trusted God and followed as He guided! Out of my belly flows rivers of living water and flowing from my heart is pure gratefulness. Women were transformed, inspired, encouraged and empowered! But especially our Pastor’s Wives & Pastor’s Widows! We honor you! We salute you! We celebrate you! And we love you! Thank you for all you do and have done in the life of the local churches across the nation! A power-packed weekend with authentic worship, life-altering word and anointed intercession! To God be all the glory!!! Can’t wait for next year when we celebrate 10 years (double grace)!
Chiquita K. Herndon
Abounding Love Ministry you have won the heart of an Another Satisfying Vessel, I truly thank you for the First Ladies Women’s Virtual Service because that’s how the atmosphere was set, yes right in our homes and I’m quite sure everyone does agree with me.. Yes, I watched and observe the Faithfulness and Commitment each Speaker pour into my vessel and now I’m just so full I must Run and Go Tell It…Lady Tina Wilson it was in your testimony that just gave me an spiritual jumpstart and I thank you for your faithfulness and lord thank you Jesus..🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 To Pastor Anita I truly thank you for allowing the lord to use you and being obedient to the call.. Minister Shaletta Thank you to inviting me when the door opens you greet me with your love kindness by sharing the word and yes this amazing conference, TikTok, prayer everything…. 🙏🏽🙌🏾🙌🏾😘
It fills my heart with gladness to know what you do has touched so many lives and how much your are loved. I'm so glad to be your cousin and as I watch you carry on the Latin Legacy. I LOVE you so much and my heart overflows in watching this ministry grow. YOU GO GIRL❤❤❤❤🌷💐⚘🌷🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹YOU HAVE RECEIVED YOUR FLOWERS.
Carolyn D Jacob
ALB CONFERENCE AUGUST 2022 God is blessing you Pastor Anita and the ALB Conferences! The overflow is still flowing! This was a New, and ohhhh so needed! ALL the presenters were gave their all in praise, worship, and The Holy Word. What a great praise, worship, Word experience, and precious powerful beautiful tribute to the 1st Ladies, past and present! This was truly steller. Thank you for the opportunity to serve with you.
GOD DID IT AGAIN!....REPEAT IT!....said like my Pastor last Sunday morning! 🤗 Well now, Another POWER Hour tonight! Of course! Maaaaany thanks to our Visionary for the 'new' this evening! Powerful Praise & Worship, Great moderation, Great reading of God's Powerful Word, Powerful Word released by Warrior Shalette, "Sow righteousness, it's time!" Shout out to the ALB team serving this evening, joint Prayers with ALB Conference team, ALB Warriors, POWER Hour participants, all touching and agreeing in prayer for the ALB Conference, to start in less than 24 hours! Whooooo, GOD BE EXALTED, GOD BE PRAISED!!!
Rev. Walker
Great Morning 💜and Happiest of Birthday’s to you! When I woke this morning to wish you a Happy Birthday the first thought that came to me was a Waterfall 💧 because they are constantly flowing and pouring out. May the Lord constantly pour more into you as you pour into others 💜May He pour more love, more vision, more peace, more joy and happiness, more of the desires of your heart to the fullness! And beyond, I love you and celebrate you! May you be Refreshed from all the “business” you have taken care of today!
Pastor Jeff
Hey Rev. Anita, Thank you so very for contributing to our building fund. Yes you have watched almost all my life and I’m grateful to have had solid pastors to watch and learn from such as you dad and many others… God has granted us so much favor in our first year… Please keep us lifted as we do our part in The Kingdom Agenda… Blessings and Favor Pastor Jeff
Happy Birthday Shout-Out: 🎈🎂🎈 🎵Happy Birthday to You.... 🎶Happy Birthday to You... 🎵Happy Birthday Blessed Woman of God, Pastor Anita... 🎶HAPPY BLESSED-FAVORED BIRTHDAY,RICHLY...TO YOU! On this day...May you enjoy every Tender, Happy Moment and Long Lasting Birthday Joy! Shee’🎊