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Iola B.
First time guest on Tik Talk Tuesday. . . It was extremely nice. I was so impressed with the young millennials. They are definitely well grounded in the Lord.
Great Morning! Blessings! I have just read the blog! It has blessed me and charged me this morning, along with giving confirmation in this season! Our Father, Abba hears every prayer and responds! 🙌🏾 Your writing ✍️ was a hand written letter from the Father! May you continue to write with the full anointing of the Holy Spirit! Have a richly blessed Thursday
Andrewnetta Brown
Powerful National Day of Prayer! All the Intercessors were such a blessing! Thank you Pastor Latin for your vision and impartstion in the lives of women! Much love and respect for you for always encouraging me and seeing in me what I didn’t / don’t see true visionary !!
Pastor A
Hallelujah and to God be the glory! Holy Spirit sat in our midst on tonight as anointed Intercessors from northern to southern CA and all in between touched heaven on behalf of our Nation. Our nation will lack nothing! God is our good Shepherd and He provides: Supply Solace Strength Surety Sustenance and Safety Psalms 23
Carolyn Jacob
First, Praise Holy Spirit for His anointing. Second, we have an anointed Visionary, Pastor Anita Latin of ALB Ministry! Mighty woman of God in the Kingdom! Third, we had blessed, anointed time this evening on ALB POWER Hour for The National Day Of Prayer and Holy Communion via Zoom and simultaneously streamed to Facebook! Powerful prayer warriors interceding and declaring that Our Nation Will Lack Nothing! They prayed on these specific prayer targets: Supply, Solace, Strength, Surety, Sustenance and Safety! Each one fervently prayed, Hallelujah! I was blessed beyond measure the entire session. Glory to God!
Minister P..
The fire 🔥 is lit!! I was talking back and saying Amen all in the house! Lol 😂 I’m waiting for it to show on the website so I can share it💗 What a difference one verse can make🙌🏾especially when it’s personal! We were definitely at the King’s table tonight💗🔥
Iola B.
We knocked the devil down, I was on the line and blessed tremendous by the word As you expounded, The Blood, still Works. thank you my sister for your faithfulness In blessing us through ALB Ministry. 💜🙏🏿💜🙏🏿
Yvetta 'Doll"
I see yet another new innovative ministry "Tik Talk." Pastor Anita never ceases to amaze !!!! All praises to our God.
Dr. Adella
It was my/our pleasure to celebrate with you. You are a 'precious jewel' within the Body of Christ! Love you much! May your God-blessings be greater than what you can ever imagine! Sis/Dr. Adella Denise.......
It was a great celebration and continued prayers for the next 16 years and beyond. Love you very much. Deb & Ben
What a beautiful card! You're welcome! It was my honor to serve in the 2023 ALB Prayer Party! Thank you for assisting ss much as you did beforehand. I love you much! Happy 16th year and counting preaching Anniversary Blessings!
Sis. I was thankful for being included and may the Lord our God continue to bless you good. Keep the Faith, Brother
Tanya Smith
It was an honor to parricipate and celebrate you during that historic and grand moment in time. Keep going Anita! The Lord has an even greater purpose for the love you graciously share with the body of Christ and humanity. Love, Tanya
Rushing Mighty Wind
What a joy to know you are celebrated. Sorry, I missed the actual virtual event. May the windows of heaven continue to be opened for you in Jesus name. Servant Maxine Rush
David Hayes
Anita, you are such an inspiration to us in your powerful ministries, reaching so many people for the Kingdom of God, exemplifying the best in faithful discipleship and spreading God’s love for all. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 16TH ANNIVERSARY!!! All our best, David
Pastor A
Happy New Year! First, I’d like to say, “Thank you God” for an incredible year of ministry. It was awesome. It was incredible and it was exceeding abundantly above all that I could ask or think! We hosted our first millennial Thanksgiving prayer party,. We added an additional intercessor and exhorter. We have established our official exec team and have had our first annual executive team meeting, powerful and productive. We have applied for our 501c3. Just waiting, anticipating, and expecting a favorable response, supernaturally and expeditiously. Even in the new year, we’ve added three additional Exhorters. Won’t He do it? Can’t wait to see what God will do in 2023!
💗 🙏🏾 I am being sharpened, on the potters wheel, and desiring to grow, mature, be developed and equipped all at the same time! Lol 😂 But trusting His plan the whole way through. You’re exemplifying that in every meeting, every prayer, every conversation 💗My vision is being sharpened and challenged.
Words can’t express the gratefulness I have for you and this ministry. God just continues to fill us up and cause us to run over! 🙌🏾 thank you for being a blessed model for ministry and in ministry. You are an answered prayer💗
Andrewnetta brown
All praises to God for this fabulous ministry! Thanks to our visionary for always encouraging me to continue my study of Gods word!
Carolyn D Jacob
Another great 1st Thursday Holy Communion POWER Hour! Powerful Word released by our Visionary Pastor Anita Latin, "Reap what you sow", from the book of Hosea 6:11. Powerful prayers, reading of God's powerful Word for the Communion scripture, blessed time in Holy Communion. We praise God for answered prayers with two new participants who joined us this evening, and spoke out. Truly a joy! Bless the Lord God for allowing our time together!